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June 2015

Classroom Camping Theme Blue Bird Template

I am giving my classroom a complete makeover! I am going to have a classroom camping theme. I love to hike and camp. My students are always asking questions and want to see pictures – this was my motivation. Yesterday, I… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Classroom Camping Theme with Sub Binder and Teacher Binder

Organization and decorating themes are the key to beginning a fun new school year! The ultimate classroom camping theme classroom mega pack /bundle contains 358 pages of printables for your classroom use. Even if you don’t have a classroom theme,… Continue Reading →

Glow in the Dark Lightning Bugs

I’m making lightning bugs for my classroom camping theme!  I’m really excited about these because they are going to GLOW IN THE DARK – Glow in the Dark Lightning Bugs!!  To make these, you will need a glue gun, plastic… Continue Reading →

How to Make Tissue Paper Birds Nest

This tissue paper bird’s nest is SUPER easy to make and they fit in nicely with my camping/hiking motif. The nests can be made well in advance of school starting. I made my nests while watching a movie in June!… Continue Reading →

What is Rigor?

What is Rigor? Rigor is… Everyone is talking about rigor in the classroom. So what is rigor? Well, first let me tell you what rigor is not. Rigor is not unfriendly. It is not boring or fun-free. You do not… Continue Reading →

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