Mardi Gras has ended and spring break is around the corner.  The weather is getting warmer and the students are ready for school to be OVER!  (The teachers are ready too!)  Teachers Get Ready for End of the Year Survival mode with these 8 Easy Tips to Help You Survive the End of the School Year!8 Easy Tips to Help You Survive the End of the School Year It is important not to get lazy or overanxious – which I tend to do.  Last year, the ending of the year was really hard because I got lazy and just plain ole ‘ ready for school to be over…  In a fevered Scarlett O’hara life changing moment while screaming, “As God is my witness, as God is my witness they’re not going to lick me. I’m going to live through this…” I decided to make a list of things I would never EVER forget again.  This list will help me (and you) survive the end of the year!

8 Easy Tips to Help You Survive the End of the School Year

#1 – Keep your same routines and procedures.  It is so easy to just back off the students because you are tired or have paperwork you need to finish up.  The students will take advantage of this and soon your classroom will be chaotic!

#2 – Movement.  Students are squirmy and need the opportunity to move around the room.  They are going to wiggle, pick, tap, and throw things so create activities where they can use this energy productively.

#3 – Classroom Procedures and Expectations.  The students need a reminder of the classroom procedures and expectations – especially after spring break.  Take a day or the first 15 minutes of class to review what you expect of them.

#4 – Classroom Decor.  Last year, I took down my classroom decorations for state testing.  While I had no control over removal of educational posters and student work, there was a lot of items I could have left up.  Once I packed everything up, the students (and me) felt like the year was over – we still had 4 weeks 🙁

8 Easy Tips to Help You Survive the End of the School Year#5 – Avoid Toxicity.  You know’em.  The negative I hate the student staff members, avoid them at all costs!!!  Negativity is contagious and YOU don’t want it!

#6 – Cultivate the Positive.  Build a positive support system around you.  Find the teachers and school staff to whom you can vent but will not chime in with their complaints and further dampen your mood.

#7 – Calendar.  STOP marking the days off on the calendar! (BIG note to self!)

#8 – Make the Most of Your Time.  I help people all the time and, sometimes, I forget to help (pamper) myself.  Spend time relaxing or working on your hobby…  working in the yard is my therapy!

These are the things I will remember as the school year comes to a close and I’m 100% positive I am going to have a better year end!