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Investigation 1 TwMM

Investigation 1 Exploring Data Patterns

The three Problems in this first Investigation engage students in collecting and analyzing patterns in experimental data and in number sequences. They provide experiences with both linear and nonlinear phenomena and lay the groundwork for using mathematical functions as models… Continue Reading →

TwMM Problem 1.3 Custom Construction Parts

Students look for differences in the patterns of change for a linear relationship and a nonlinear relationship by examining construction of trusses and staircase frames made of uniform steel rods. Content ACE Pacing Materials Resources Problem 1.3 3-6, 27-32, 34,… Continue Reading →

TwMM Problem 1.2 Bridge Length and Strength

Students conduct another experiment to explore a nonlinear relationship as they test how bridge length is related to strength. They look for patterns in their collected data and use the patterns to make predictions. Content ACE Pacing Materials Resources Problem… Continue Reading →

TWMM Problem 1.1 Bridge Thickness and Strength

Students conduct an experiment to explore a linear relationship as they test how bridge thickness is related to strength. They display their collected data in a table and a graph, look for relationships, and use the relationships to make predictions…. Continue Reading →

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