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Incomplete Homework Notice 1

I keep a stack (or folder) of incomplete homework notes on my desk.  When a student fails to complete their homework, I have the students complete the form and log it on my check sheet.  The student must get the… Continue Reading →

IEP at a Glance

If you have ever read an IEP, you know it can be difficult to keep up with all of the modifications you need to make or the services you must provide. I had a hard time with all of this… Continue Reading →

Great Day Note to Parents

Parents love to hear that their child is doing well in school. This is a cute little note to quickly let parents (and students) know that they are doing well in school.

Behavior Check Sheet

My first year of teaching was exciting and scary!  One of my main concerns was classroom management.  I was lucky to have a wonderful team of teachers working with me and they shared many of their systems for classroom management…. Continue Reading →

Parent Teacher Conference Form 1

It might be time for some you to be getting ready for Parent Teacher Conferences. Conferences can be a great opportunity to connect with parents and it’s a great opportunity to share important information about your students with their parents…. Continue Reading →

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