I am giving my classroom a complete makeover! I am going to have a classroom camping theme. I love to hike and camp. My students are always asking questions and want to see pictures – this was my motivation. Yesterday, I posted “How to Make Tissue Paper Bird’s Nest”. I made the nests from tissue paper – they were very easy to make.  (It’s something you can do while you are watching TV with the family or have your children help you – great rainy day activity!) You can see that post here. Last night, I made the blue birds for my nests. They are really cute! Now that I’ve done the mother bird thing and made the nest, it’s time to make the blue birds.  The first thing I did was make a template for my blue bird.You can download the template here. I wanted 8 birds for my classroom – one for each nest – so I printed 8 copies of the template.  I thought about printing 16 so that there wouldn’t be a “back” side but after coloring 8 birds, I changed my mind.

Making the Blue Birds

I used markers to color the birds and then I glued the birds to poster board.  Because I didn’t want to have a white backside and I didn’t want to color another 8 birds, I decided to glue blue paper to the back of the poster board.

I cut out each of the birds so that the extra copy paper and the blue paper on the back were the same size.

Since I’m hanging these in my classroom and I would like them to last at least one year, I laminated the birds. I hung the nests from the ceiling using fishing line…  I used Spiderwire since that’s what I had at the house but any fishing line would work.  Ribbon would be really cute too. I taped the bird to the fishing line so that it looked like it was perched on the nest. SUPER CUTE!!! My students are really going to like this!

I’m planning on making some lightning bugs later today.  I can’t wait to see how those turn out!