Every teacher has their own classroom management style that works for them.  I know I have mine and it is different from the teacher next door but we do share some classroom management styles that work in both of our classrooms.

Classroom ManagementClassroom Management Tips that Work

Praise Your Students

Genuine praise will work wonders but it must be genuine.  Praise will tell your students that their work is important to you and that you are watching and value their efforts.

Allow Your Identity to Shine

Tell your students about yourself and what you enjoy doing.  Sharing your identity with your students creates trust and builds bonds.  Telling them why teaching is important to you, will show them that you care.

Classroom ManagementSafe Classroom

Make it a priority to create a positive and collaborative classroom.  Use the first few days of the school year to work on team building activities so that the students will learn to trust  in themselves as the learning becomes more difficult.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

Make a plan for each day and tell your students what they will be learning.  Tell them what you want them to accomplish!

Pick Your Battles

You are going to have to deal with misbehaviors that take away from your lesson.  I’ve always hear that I need to pick my battles…  well, I pick them all!  I do not want to give my students the sense that small misbehaviors are ok and only deal with major infractions.  Not all infractions are handled the same way but they are handled.  If you deal with the small infractions, the bigger ones tend to dwindle.

Classroom ManagementLove Your Students!

Love your students and always assume the best in them.  Students are going to make mistakes and mess up make sure they know you love them in spite of their mistakes.  In my class, if you are honest about a “mess up”, I will praise you for the honesty but also discuss the infraction.  I also give my students the benefit of the doubt!