Is this common core?  This is going to be a very short post…  I found the panic this student was feeling quite funny and the solution hilarious!

Last week, the social studies teacher had the students create a T-shirt for one of the Greek gods they were learning about…  Well, as we all know, most of the Greek gods are naked.  The teacher instructed the students to find pictures that did not contain nudity.  One of the girls obviously was not paying attention!

I’m teaching my math class and the door flies open and “Sherill” comes running into the room.  “Mrs. Williams!  I’m going to fail!”  I asked why she thought she was going to fail and she replied by saying, “My goddess is naked!  Everyone said I would get a zero!”.  In unison my class uttered, “Yeah, she will”.

The Dilemma

Here is her picture:



Not a lot of nudity but still…   Here is our fix!

The Solution – Is this Common Core?


The orange triangle in the middle is her belly button ring hahaha! 🙂

Not bad, especially since it was the day before spring break and everyone is getting ready to head to the beach!  Oh, and she got an ‘A’!!!!