This tissue paper bird’s nest is SUPER easy to make and they fit in nicely with my camping/hiking motif. The nests can be made well in advance of school starting. I made my nests while watching a movie in June! I didn’t fluff them out until I was ready to hang them in the classroom because they were easier to store and carry to the school. First, I had to find brown tissue paper. I found the tissue paper at Hobby Lobby for $1.29/package. It worked perfectly. The bird’s nests I’m making will be made of 20″ square tissue paper. Once the edges are rounded and the nests fluffed up, they are about 11″ wide. The package came with 8 sheets of tissue paper and I used one package per nest.

How to Make Tissue Paper Bird’s Nest

You will also need floral wire, fishing line, and paperclips.


First, you will need to lay the tissue paper out with the corners even.  Now you are going to make accordion folds starting with the side closest to you and as you make each of the folds the paper will get shorter (like making a fan).  The most important thing about making your folds is to keep them between one and a half to two inches wide.  Do not make them any wider than two inches.


Now you will need your floral wire.  You will need to cut the floral wire to a length of about 10″.  Bend the piece of wire in half to create a “V”.




Slide the wire around the center of the folded tissue paper.  Try to get it as close to the center as possible.


Twist the wires together.  You don’t want the wires too tight against the paper.  It should be a little loose so that you are able to fluff the nest.


Next, you will bend the wire over making a loop.  Twist the loose ends around the wire next to the tissue paper.  This loop will be used to hang the nest from the ceiling.


Now, that you have the tissue paper folded and the wire in place, you will want to trim the edges of the tissue paper.  I prefer to round the edges but cutting them in a point will work well too.  I was able to cut all of the edges at the same time but you might want to cut a few folds at a time.  Also, these do not need to be perfect cuts.  In fact, imperfect cuts will add character to your nest.


Now, you can tie the fishing line to the loop so that you can hang it from the ceiling in your classroom.  I used Spiderwire to tie my nests to the ceiling.  I find that Spiderwire is easier to tie than monofilament fishing line.

The last step is to fluff your nest!  Place your folded tissue paper on a table so that your fishing line is against the top of the table.  You will start by gently lifting the top sheet of tissue paper pulling it away from the other sheets.  (This is really the bottom sheet but you will fluff the nest upside down.)  Pull the first sheet straight up.  Continue pulling the tissue paper up until you have a hemisphere.



Turn the nest around and repeat the same process for the opposite side.


In my next post, I will show you how I made my blue birds!