I have a new principal this year and I’ve noticed that she uses Google Docs quite often to survey the staff. I really liked the idea and it seemed very easy to collect data from the teachers. Then my grade level principal ask that we come up with a way to document “A” offences so that he could see what we had been dealing with in the classroom. He wanted to be able to pull up the information while in a parent conference. After some investigating, I came across a blog post by the Peppy Zesty Teacherista where she was using Google Docs to record missing homework assignments. I did a little research into creating a form that would record the results in a spreadsheet and, thought, that’s what we need to use for our classroom management documentation!

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What You Need

There are several resources I used to setup our system for documenting behaviors. I must admit, I got a little frustrated trying setup the discipline system but in the end it was well worth the trouble.

How to Create Your Form

First, you will need a Google account. I did not want to use my personal account so I set one up for our grade level and shared the username and password with the team and administration.

Next, I went to Google Forms. You will need to signin with your Google account.

Next, click on the Start New Form, Blank.

A blank form will open. Enter a title and a description for your form.

The first question is already in the form for you. You will need to title/enter your question. Then you can choose from several options as to the question type.

Next, enter the answers you would like to have available for the question. If you choose Short Answer or Paragraph, you will not need to enter answer choices.

If you want to add more questions to your form, you can do this by clicking on the icons to the right of the form.

** NOTE: Adding a section will create pages to your form. For example, you can have someone add their name and class period. Then they would click the next button to get to the question. If you want to display the entire form on one page do not select add section. **

After you have entered all of your information, click on Responses and then on the three dots to the righthand side of the form.

Select response destination.

Make sure the Create a new spreadsheet is selected and name the spreadsheet. This is where all of your responses will be stored.

Creating a QR Code to Send you to your Form

At the top of the form window, click on send.

Select the link icon, check the box labeled Shorten URL, then hold down Ctrl button on your keyboard and press the letter C.

Open a new tab and go to this URL: https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/. Sign into the QRCode Generator using your Google account.

Click on the URL tab, click on the text that says, “Enter URL” and hold down Ctrl button and press the letter P.

Title your QR Code by clicking on “My Awesome Code”. In the popup window, type the name of your new QR Code. Click OK.

Then click on the save icon. Again, you will title the QR Code in the popup window. This will save the QR Code to your computer so that you can print it out.

The QR Code will download to your computer when you press the SAVE button. I print my QR Code out and tape it to my clipboard so I will have it with me whenever I need it.

How To Use The Code, Form, and Results

Now that everything has been setup, it’s time to put your system to work for you! Since I use my forms for discipline, I have a printed copy of the QR Code on my clipboard. My other teammates have a copy of the QR Code in a binder or laminated on a metal craft ring.

Whenever we need to document a behavior, we scan the QR Code with our phone or iPad. Then we select the student’s name from a dropdown menu, select our name from a list of teacher names, and select the behavior we want to record. The information automatically populates in an Excel spreadsheet in Google Docs and it can be accessed by all teachers and the administration. Since we are storing the information in the spread sheet the names can be sorted alphabetically, by teacher name, or by behavior.

My administrator loves this and it makes recording behaviors easy for the teacher! I hope you find this useful in your classroom too!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to enter them below. I would also LOVE to hear how you are using Google Docs or Forms in your classroom.

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Creating a Google Form

Creating a QR Code for Google Forms

Getting Your Results