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TWMM Problem 2.2 Up and Down the Staircase

This Problem introduces the term slope and gives students opportunities to practice developing linear equations from information given by graphs and tables of values. Content ACE Materials Resources Problem 2.2 (1 day) 6-8, 57 Labsheet 2.2A: Graphs Labsheet 2.2B: Tables Labsheet 2ACE:… Continue Reading →

TWMM Problem 2.3 Tree Top Fun

The setting for this Problem is the business of operating a Tree Top Fun attraction. Students extend their understanding of and skill in writing linear equations for conditions expressed in words, tables, and graphs. Content ACE Materials Resources Problem 2.3… Continue Reading →

TWMM Problem 2.1 Modeling Linear Data Patterns

Students use their knowledge about linear models, equations, and inequalities to reason about related sets of linear data. Content ACE Materials Resources Problem 2.1 (1 day) 1-3, 35-36 Labsheet 2.1A: Models Labsheet 2.1B: Models Labsheet 2ACE: Exercise 3 Centimeter Grid… Continue Reading →

TwMM Investigation 2 Models and Equations

The five Problems in this Investigation review and extend student understanding and skill in formulating and applying appropriate linear functions when given problem conditions and/or experimental data. The first Problem develops ideas for modeling linear data patterns, including use of… Continue Reading →

TwMM Problem 1.3 Custom Construction Parts

Students look for differences in the patterns of change for a linear relationship and a nonlinear relationship by examining construction of trusses and staircase frames made of uniform steel rods. Content ACE Pacing Materials Resources Problem 1.3 3-6, 27-32, 34,… Continue Reading →

TwMM Problem 1.2 Bridge Length and Strength

Students conduct another experiment to explore a nonlinear relationship as they test how bridge length is related to strength. They look for patterns in their collected data and use the patterns to make predictions. Content ACE Pacing Materials Resources Problem… Continue Reading →

Common Core Standards for Thinking with Mathematical Models

8.EE.B.5 Graph proportional relationships, interpreting the unit rate as the slope of the graph. Compare two different proportional relationships represented in different ways. For example, compare a distance-time graph to a distance-time equation to determine which of two moving objects has… Continue Reading →

TWMM Problem 1.1 Bridge Thickness and Strength

Students conduct an experiment to explore a linear relationship as they test how bridge thickness is related to strength. They display their collected data in a table and a graph, look for relationships, and use the relationships to make predictions…. Continue Reading →

While You Were Out Form

Students will miss class from time to time.  I’ve found that it is very helpful to give a while you were out form to a student helper at the beginning of class to complete for an absent student. The student… Continue Reading →

Parent Teacher Conference Form 2

I really enjoy parent teacher conferences. I learn a lot about students and I can usually make a connection with the parent so that we can have an open line of communication.  I’ve always used a parent teacher conference form… Continue Reading →

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