The five Problems in this Investigation review and extend student understanding and skill in formulating and applying appropriate linear functions when given problem conditions and/or experimental data. The first Problem develops ideas for modeling linear data patterns, including use of residual analysis to measure the accuracy of a linear model. The next two Problems develop the concept of slope and then review techniques for writing linear expressions that match problem conditions, data tables, and graphs. The fourth and fifth Problems review and extend student understanding and skill in solving linear equations and inequalities by tabular, graphic, and symbolic methods.

Problem 2.1

(1 day)

1-3, 35-36
Problem 2.2

(1 day)

6-8, 57
Problem 2.3

(1.5 days)

4-5, 9-19, 37-42, 56, 58-63
Problem 2.4

(1 day)

20-25, 43, 64-68
Problem 2.5

(1 day)

26-34, 44-55
Mathematical Reflections

(0.5 day)

Assessment: Partner Quiz

(1 day)

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